What is the customer’s expectation?

Barton George

With the demands growing on IT and the enterprise, it can be tough to balance service delivery with quality service. Dell Services organized a think tank to discuss the applications-centric world with 10 panelists representing a mix of organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, better known as Silicon Valley.

To give an idea of the complexity that apps are presenting in the enterprise, cloud analytics company, Netskope, found that enterprises have an average of 397 cloud apps being used by employees. When Netskope asked IT pros to estimate the number of apps in their respective enterprises, estimates topped out at 50. There is a clear disconnect in what internal customers want and need, and what IT can deliver.

The following video is the first in a series of conversations that took place at the think tank event. Much of the conversation from the assembled CIOs was about how to look at technology from the viewpoint of customer and business needs.

Luke Kanies, chief executive officer, Puppet Labs; Barry Libenson, chief information officer, Safeway; and Jay Ferro, chief information officer, American Cancer Society give their thoughts on how to drive business value through the use of technology.

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