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Who you are is not changing, what you are will never be the same.

Today's CIOs have a simple choice: build relevance in a changing world or stay in infrastructure management. 75% of CEOs are asking you to take the leap.
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Accelerating the Value of IT- CIO Insights

Over the last year we have asked senior IT executives from almost every industry to discuss how the role of the CIO is changing. Members of the media as well as industry thought leaders provided insights into how CIOs and IT departments are adjusting to the new realities of today’s corporate environment.
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Demonstrating IT’s Ability to Make a Difference

One of the most important exercises today’s CIOs can do is ask themselves what organizational and operational activities they should start, stop or do differently.
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Speak the Language of Business

Joe Topinka is vice president of multichannel commerce and chief information officer for Red Wing Shoes, the Minneapolis-based work boot company that has served customers for more than 100 years.
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The New Requirements for Today’s CIO

IT Leadership is challenged to keep the lights on, drive innovation and create unique value for customers. Once IT executives have a seat on the business strategy committee, there is a responsibility to influence how technology enables the business to grow and thrive.
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2014 CIO Magazine’s State of the CIO: A Deeper Look

As we have previously discussed here on, today’s CIOs are increasing the time spent on strategic activities and have elevated their positions within their companies.
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How the “App” Has Changed Computing

The mobile era of computing has changed the way people communicate, work and play. A large part of the reason the smartphones and tablets have had such a profound impact is the availability of inexpensive, easily made and fast-to-market applications, or “apps.”
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Continuing the Conversation: IT Is Facing Competition for the First Time

The consumerization of IT is a common theme here at We categorize this emerging dynamic under the IT 2.0 macro trend. Consumerization is one of the major drivers of change in the industry.
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What is the customer’s expectation?

With the demands growing on IT and the enterprise, it can be tough to balance service delivery with quality service. Dell Services organized a think tank to discuss the applications-centric world with 10 panelists representing a mix of organizations
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At the Crossroads: Technology and Transformation in Healthcare

The most critical goal on is that we help drive the conversation needed to be had by IT executives in order to take advantage of the changing role technology and innovation plays within organizations.
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