The New Requirements for Today’s CIO

IT Leadership is challenged to keep the lights on, drive innovation and create unique value for customers. Once IT executives have a seat on the business strategy committee, there is a responsibility to influence how technology enables the business to grow and thrive.However, the current level of investment in skills development for current IT talent is severely lacking; it is almost criminal. IT staffers need to acquire and enhance their skill sets in order to support the expected long-term role of IT in this changing business environment. Thornton May, a futurist, educator and author, has a few things to say about the skill gap.

Jim Stikeleather, chief innovation officer for Dell Services and an contributor, caught up with Thornton May to discuss the changing business environment, the impact on today’s CIO, and the reality of the skill gap in IT.

This candid and provocative conversation does not pull any punches when discussing the challenge for today’s IT department and its leaders. May offers unique commentary throughout the conversation on the perception of today’s CIO.

“There’s this false representation in the media that basically CIOs are something, you know, are guards — they don’t talk, they don’t understand the business, they dress funny, they act funny, they can’t feed themselves. Absolutely wrong.”

This video explores the following topics:

  • The CIO skills gap
  • What’s being asked of today’s CIO?
  • Does the CIO need a marketing degree?
  • Introducing creativity into IT

The discussion touched on findings from Dell Service’s research with Forbes Insights, Economist Intelligence Unit and Harvard Business Review about the C-suite’s perceptions and requirements of senior IT executives.

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