The Evolving Model for IT, Part I

Jim Stikeleather

In part one of a two-part series, Jim Stikeleather, Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer, discusses several implications in the findings of a massive research study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board on the future of IT.

First, with the advent of software as a service, more and more application services are becoming the responsibility of individual business units. Next, more enterprises are taking functions that don’t create value for the customer—such as Finance, HR, and even IT—and consolidating those into share services organizations. One consequence of this move is a consolidation of many vertical transactions that formerly occurred in the organization into a single horizontal transaction—e.g., provisioning a computer, setting up access to facilities and networks, and setting security privileges for a new user versus ‘onboarding a new employee.’ Thirdly, as awareness grows that many infrastructure functions don’t contribute value to the customer, we will see a rise in infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.

While all these things may seem frightening to IT, Jim says they represent positive developments because organizations will now have the ability to focus on the things only IT can do, or for legal or other reasons can’t allow others to do. It also means IT can focus on things that add value to the business. Consequently, although the scope of IT’s role may compress its responsibility will grow.

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