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Accelerating the Value of IT- CIO Insights

Over the last year we have asked senior IT executives from almost every industry to discuss how the role of the CIO is changing. Members of the media as well as industry thought leaders provided insights into how CIOs and IT departments are adjusting to the new realities of today’s corporate environment.
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The New Requirements for Today’s CIO

IT Leadership is challenged to keep the lights on, drive innovation and create unique value for customers. Once IT executives have a seat on the business strategy committee, there is a responsibility to influence how technology enables the business to grow and thrive.
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Jim Stikeleather

The Evolving Model for IT, Part II

In the second installment of a two-part series, Jim Stikeleather, Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer, goes into greater specifics about the ways in which IT’s role will evolve. He describes a not-too-distant future where IT will begin to deliver services on three levels.
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Can business change as fast as change itself?

Technology has proved its value in increasing efficiency. Organizations increasingly face immense pressures to leverage technology to make fundamental shifts in how they organize, operate and manage their businesses and practices.
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