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10 Most Important Pieces of Advice for Women in IT

At a recent Executive Women in IT luncheon co-hosted by the CIO Executive Council and Dell Services, almost 40 leading women in IT gathered to discuss what it means to be trailblazers and risk-takers in today’s global IT business environment.
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CIO Magazine: State of the CIO 2014

CIOs are increasing their roles, increasing the time spent on strategic activities and elevating their positions within their companies from a functional department to business strategists.
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Cloud People

Pyramid of Expertise

We have previously touched on the idea of rethinking innovation as it relates to processes, organizational structures and staffing models, including the “Hollywood Model.” The latter part of that list received some interesting feedback, and I thought I’d revisit and continue that conversation.
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CXO Insights Twitter Chat led by Jeff Cutler

CXO Insights Hosts Twitter Chat

Can the massive change that is taking place in IT be boiled down to just 140 characters? Almost. Working with IDG Media, Dell Services sponsored a Twitter chat to openly discuss what current industry research suggests is changing the role of the CIO.
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The Importance of 2.0

Today, we have some very important macro trends that we’re defining as 2.0 phases. Management, IT, enterprise, capital and economics are experiencing tectonic shifts in the way they are defined, measured, analyzed, discussed and acted upon.
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