How the “App” Has Changed Computing

The mobile era of computing has changed the way people communicate, work and play. A large part of the reason the smartphones and tablets have had such a profound impact is the availability of inexpensive, easily made and fast-to-market applications, or “apps.”

Jimmy Pike, Dell Senior Fellow, is featured in the third video from the Dell Services Think Tank. Pike knows all too well the application development, delivery and usage cycle.

In the video, Pike talks about how we’ve entered the “persistently, ubiquitously connected to the network era” and what that means for applications going forward.

This short video segment of the roundtable covers:

  • Consumers don’t want to be bound by device, location, service providers
  • App development needs a whole different model from the past
  • More experimentation in app development and delivery is going to be needed as we move forward

This video is part of the ongoing Dell ThinkTank series, which brings together industry leaders who are particularly vocal in social media to discuss trending topics impacted by technology. Dell Services organized the think tank to discuss the applications-centric world with 10 panelists representing a mix of organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you would like access to any of the video clips or want more information about the Dell Think Tank series, please let us know.

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