Demonstrating IT’s Ability to Make a Difference

One of the most important exercises today’s CIOs can do is ask themselves what organizational and operational activities they should start, stop or do differently.

Zaheer Dhruv is the head of IT for Direct Energy Business, one of North America’s leading retail energy providers. His company serves more than 181,000 businesses in 14 states, the District of Columbia and four Canadian provinces. He recently took time to discuss his approach to drive strategic agendas.

Dhruv cautions CIOs to not simply focus on one strength, but to find areas where there are unexpected opportunities to make a difference. Accomplishing this goal requires CIOs to raise awareness about how technology is connected to people, how people are connected to the business, and how the business creates shareholder value.

It’s no longer enough to ask business partners for support to help the business. CIOs must find the necessary resources (financial, people, etc.), communicate what is happening and then execute. This scenario is a common theme on as it becomes the new method of operation for senior IT leaders.

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