Continuing the Dialogue

Jim Stikeleather

Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer discusses how the velocity of disruptive technologies has left IT in an open parenthesis between the familiar and a new 2.0 world. Watch now.

We live and work in exciting times. The Internet has impacted our lives in ways that no one really could have imagined, and yet we’re only in the infancy of the promise of what the web will ultimately deliver. There is a great TED video by Kevin Kelly on the future of web. The key takeaway is that in the beginning everyone thought the Internet would be just like TV, only better. The problem was we could not conceive of the infinite new possibilities for information, services, business models and value that have come to pass.

We’re already seeing exponential growth — both economically and socially — of connected devices, connected people, connected organizations, connected information and the connected way we live our lives. As the world becomes further connected, we’re seeing new business models emerge, new ways of interacting with each other, whether it’s with people in faraway places or a colleague in the office next door. Combining technologies in varied ways gives us unimaginable opportunities — for example, sensors in running shoes can upload data to the cloud, allowing global marathons where the runners never interact with each other.

Which brings us to, a community we created for you to continue our dialogue on the future, innovation and IT. We’ve been looking at the macro trends impacting business and IT through research with the Economist Intelligence Unit, TNS Global and Harvard Business Review. We’ve hosted events to share what is happening, challenging IT leaders to bring ideas to the discussion about why it is happening and identifying a need to co-create solutions on how to best position IT as a strategic enabler for business success. CIOs have talked to us about three common areas:

  • Orchestrating the right conversations and organizational shifts
  • Innovating the way things get done to drive business value
  • Evolving the lens to align and solve for strategic business needs

This community group is a platform to help us stay engaged in one central location and share ideas. Here, my colleagues, you and your peers will be able to freely discuss three key themes of this site: Orchestrate, Innovate, and Evolve — and the impacts they are having on the enterprise, IT, economy and management. These topics are proving to have a great impact on how we plan and conduct business.

To quote Bryant McGill, “Where wise actions are the fruit of life, wise discourse is the pollination.” Please help us grow this garden of information, insight and shared experience, and continue to connect and exchange ideas among ourselves. Thank you for your time, and I hope you’ll continue to engage in the dialogue.

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