Continuing the Conversation: IT Is Facing Competition for the First Time

Barton George

The consumerization of IT is a common theme here at We categorize this emerging dynamic under the IT 2.0 macro trend. Consumerization is one of the major drivers of change in the industry.

Silicon Valley technology leaders discuss the topic of BYOE, or “Bring Your Own Everything,” in this short video segment taken from the Dell Think Tank event. Safeway CIO Barry Libenson and Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies discuss how “Shadow IT” has crept into their enterprises. This has forced their departments out of the purchase and delivery role to scrambling to connect data from consumer-based apps to enterprise-able solutions.

This short video segment of the roundtable covers:

  • How the expectations of today’s internal customer has been raised based on their external experiences
  • The IT department, and CIO, has to be customer driven, not just responsive
  • As other departments procured their own applications and technologies, they then want to integrate into the enterprise – this is where the impact of consumerization is felt the most

This video is part of the ongoing Dell Think Tank series, which brings together industry leaders who are particularly vocal in social media to discuss trending topics impacted by technology. Dell Services organized the think tank to discuss the applications-centric world with 10 panelists representing a mix of organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We will bring the entire conversation to you over the next several weeks. If you would like access to any of the video clips or want more information about the Dell Think Tank series, please let us know.

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