CIO Magazine: State of the CIO 2014

CIOs are increasing their roles, increasing the time spent on strategic activities and elevating their positions within their companies from a functional department to business strategists.

These insights are key findings from CIO magazine’s 2014 “State of the CIO” survey. Over 700 CIOs responded to the magazine’s annual review of the roles of CIOs, their current responsibilities, areas of focus and where the executive position is headed in the future.

Forty-eight percent of CIOs say they have a well-defined process for innovation. Coincidentally, or not, 34 percent of CIOs say they are spending their time on more strategic activities (up from just 18 percent in 2009) and less time on “Functional” activities, which is down 11 percent from 2009. And CIOs see a bright future ahead; 67 percent say they see themselves evolving more to the “Business Strategist” role during the next 3 to 5 years.

However, 68 percent of CIOs say it’s challenging to find the right balance between business innovation and operational excellence. CIOs also state that it’s difficult to get their IT staffs to be more business-oriented and customer facing (47 percent).  This skills gap and the staffing models to “mind the gap” is something Doug Reeder, Innovation Principal with Dell Services, has discussed before on This could be why only 10 percent of CIOs feel their stakeholders see them as a “Business Game Changer,” and just 19 percent feel they are perceived as a “Business Partner.”

The survey provides an interesting snapshot into the psyche of today’s CIO. In the coming weeks, we will provide further analysis of the State of CIO, including exclusive commentary from Adam Dennison, Vice President and Publisher for CIO magazine.

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