Jim Stikeleather

The Evolving Model for IT, Part II

In the second installment of a two-part series, Jim Stikeleather, Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer, goes into greater specifics about the ways in which IT’s role will evolve. He describes a not-too-distant future where IT will begin to deliver services on three levels.
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Sorry, you don’t get to quit your day job.

Many people say, with trends like BYOD and SaaS, the role of IT will shrink in the future. Well, I’m here to tell you that IT doesn't get to stop doing anything it used to do.
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Maryfran Johnson and Jim Stikeleather: The Changing Role of the CIO

Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief of CIO Magazine, sits down with Jim Stikeleather and shares her views on the CIO’s changing role in the organization.
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The Evolving Model for IT, Part I

In part one of a two-part series, Jim Stikeleather, Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer, discusses several implications in the findings of a massive research study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board on the future of IT.
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The New Matrix

Although IT tends to look at innovation through a technology lens, a slightly different perspective reveals ample room for management innovation as well. One of the things emerging from our research is a new emphasis on how companies engage skilled labor.
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Harvard Business Review Research: The End of Efficiency as the End Game

For years, an uncertain global economic climate shifted the focus of many organizations toward costs. This meant everything from postponing discretionary IT spending to reducing head counts of individual contributors.
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Can business change as fast as change itself?

Technology has proved its value in increasing efficiency. Organizations increasingly face immense pressures to leverage technology to make fundamental shifts in how they organize, operate and manage their businesses and practices.
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CIO Insights: “What Is the Ideal Role for CIOs and IT in the Future?”

Today’s shifting business environments put in question the traditional roles of CIOs and other IT leaders.
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Bureaucracy Has to Die

Interview with Angelia Herrin Bureaucracy has to die. Angelia Herrin, Editor, Special Projects and Research at the Harvard Business Review echoes Gary Hamel’s sentiments in the video below about the traditional business structure.
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The Importance of 2.0

Today, we have some very important macro trends that we’re defining as 2.0 phases. Management, IT, enterprise, capital and economics are experiencing tectonic shifts in the way they are defined, measured, analyzed, discussed and acted upon.
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