The New Requirements for Today’s CIO

IT Leadership is challenged to keep the lights on, drive innovation and create unique value for customers. Once IT executives have a seat on the business strategy committee, there is a responsibility to influence how technology enables the business to grow and thrive.
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Innovation vs. Extinction

Several conversations on this site have looked forward to where IT is headed. But what if, instead, we look in the rearview mirror for guidance?
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Busting Bureaucracy in the Enterprise

Bureaucracy can best be described as a top-down approach to decision making made by an authoritative group void of any direct feedback from the people carrying out the activities.

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Big Data — What’s the Big Deal?

People have been talking about Big Data since the late 1990s. When originally coined, the phrase addressed the continuously growing boundaries of computing. Technologists were making everything bigger—from CPU processing power to storage to networks.
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2014 CIO Magazine’s State of the CIO: A Deeper Look

As we have previously discussed here on, today’s CIOs are increasing the time spent on strategic activities and have elevated their positions within their companies.
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CIO Magazine: State of the CIO 2014

CIOs are increasing their roles, increasing the time spent on strategic activities and elevating their positions within their companies from a functional department to business strategists.
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The Evolution of Value

Let’s take another look at the changing role of IT. Which won’t be the last time, because trends like the proliferation of employee-owned devices, the mobile workforce and the freelance economy are creating unrelenting disruptions in the enterprise.
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From Rental to Streaming: How Netflix Changed the Speed of Business

Once a staple of cityscapes and suburban strip malls, no matter where you traveled across America you were as likely to see a Blockbuster outlet as a McDonald’s.
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“Value” — The New Measurement for IT Success

As we have discussed here previously, a number of major trends—consumerization of IT, the Cloud, social media and mobility—will continue to disrupt IT organizations for many years to come.
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Perception vs. Reality: Where Will You Be in 3 Years?

Things are not always what they seem. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Your perception is your reality.
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