At the Crossroads: Technology and Transformation in Healthcare

The most critical goal on is that we help drive the conversation needed to be had by IT executives in order to take advantage of the changing role technology and innovation plays within organizations.

In the spirit of continuing our mission, the above video is from a recent roundtable conversation hosted by Dell and the Dallas chapter of Health 2.0, which features industry thought leaders and analysts in healthcare. The dynamic discussion addresses issues facing healthcare IT and how these opportunities will drive transformation in 2014.

The roundtable covers:

  • How to empower caregivers and consumers through IT with technology and solutions like workflow improvement, mHealth and security;
  • Unlocking information through electronic health records (EHR) and defining standards of data; and
  • How healthcare IT can unleash innovation through big data and the strategic use of analytics.

The two-part video discussion is part of the ongoing Dell Think Tank series, which brings together industry leaders who are particularly vocal in social media to discuss trending topics impacted by technology. The goal is to create an open and honest forum that fosters collaboration and reveals unique community needs and opportunities for technology to play a larger role.

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