About Innovate Business IT

As we looked at the macro trends in today’s business environment — from Big Data to capitalism 2.0 to social media and crowd sourcing — we saw how the very nature of IT is changing. Senior IT leaders understand that they must evolve and adopt new philosophies to change how technology enables business strategy or be left behind.

Through research with the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Harvard Business Review, we’ve come to understand the complexities of this evolution. The research has yielded solid data on how business leaders see the challenges in the IT world.

We also proactively recruited thought leaders in business and the technology sector — as well as our own respected thinkers inside Dell — to consider the implications of these evolutionary changes and the implications for senior IT leaders. From these efforts, we learned today’s CIOs need to:

  • Understand the root causes of these changes
  • Utilize new strategies and tactics in order to take advantage of
    these changes
  • Adopt a new language and way of discussing change with their

All of this led us to create InnovateBusinessIT.com, a trusted community where senior IT leaders can engage with others and deepen their understanding of trends impacting the global business and IT environments.

We look forward to engaging with you on the site in stimulating conversations that will enable you to create value, and drive technical and business innovation in your organization.


Jim Stikeleather, Executive Strategist at Dell Services


Jim Stikeleather serves as Executive Strategist, Innovation for Dell Services, the IT services arm of Dell, where he leads a team of information technology and business experts who identify, evaluate and assess the potential of new technologies, business models and processes to address evolving business, economic and social trends.

Bob Lewis, Senior Management Consultant at Dell Services


Bob Lewis is the author of eleven books and more than 1,500 articles addressing topics that include the linkages between information technology, business strategy, leadership and intentional business change.

For Dell, he serves as a senior management consultant providing advice and guidance on these and related topics.

Robert Marshall, Principal Innovation Consultant at Dell Services


Robert serves as a Principle Innovation Consultant on the Global Innovation Team at Dell Services, the IT services and business solutions unit of Dell. In this role, he develops “over the horizon” foresight by evaluating economic, social, demographic, legal, regulatory, business and technology trends to identify how the world wants to change, and how technology can enable, facilitate or accelerate those changes.

Doug Reeder, Principal Innovation Consultant at Dell Services


Doug Reeder is a Principal Innovation Consultant at Dell Services, the Information Technology Services division of Dell, where he works with emerging technologies, business models, processes and approaches to address evolving business challenges, opportunities and strategic plans, both for the company and for our customers.

For more than 20 years Doug has designed, developed and brought to market innovative information technology and communications products and services that help organizations around the world succeed.

Glenn C. Wintrich, Principal Innovation Consultant at Dell


Glenn Wintrich has more than 40 years of international delivery, marketing, service line management and innovation experience. In early 2006, Glenn joined Perot systems as the Enterprise Network Service Line Manager and progressed to the Global Director of Information Systems Product Management. Currently, Glenn leads numerous innovation initiatives within the Dell Services Chief Innovation Office.

Barton George, Director, Developer Programs at Dell Services


Barton George is the Director of Developer programs in Dell Services and founder/leader of Project Sputnik, a client-to-cloud platform for developers. Barton has been at Dell for over 4 years and previous to his current role, he served as Dell’s cloud evangelist. Before Dell Barton spent 13 years at Sun Microsystems in a variety of roles last of which as Open Source evangelist, and driver of Sun’s Linux strategy.