10 Most Important Pieces of Advice for Women in IT

Mona Charif

At a recent Executive Women in IT luncheon co-hosted by the CIO Executive Council and Dell Services, almost 40 leading women in IT gathered to discuss what it means to be trailblazers and risk-takers in today’s global IT business environment.

According to research we’ve done at Dell, 70 percent of CIOs won’t be doing what they’re currently doing in the next three years. Combine that with research findings from the National Center for Women and Information Technology revealing that 56 percent of women in tech companies leave at a mid-level point (10-20 years) in their careers, and this is quite a dilemma.

Why? Because there are already so few women currently in IT leadership roles and the rules of the game are drastically changing. In fact, women held only 26 percent of professional computing occupations in 2013, and only 24 percent of CIO positions at Fortune 100 companies were held by women in 2012.

How can the trailblazing and risk-taking senior executive women of today encourage their potential successors to manage their careers and lead in the future?

The conversation must change because the definition of success has changed. Success is no longer simply “being at the table,” but rather acting as a key contributor to driving the CEO’s strategy. I believe there’s a significant opportunity for women to lead this change.

It became clear during the session that each of us not only has an opportunity – but also a responsibility – to influence change in the workforce.  We can do this by supporting each other, being mentors to other professionals and creating an ecosystem where we are driving change in how our organizations succeed.

The infographic, “10 Most Important Pieces of Advice for Women in IT” is the takeaway that emerged from our discussion. Please feel free to use it and share it with future trailblazers and risk-takers!

For more information on ways to get connected to women in IT, I encourage you to join the Women in Leadership community.

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