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Today's CIOs have a simple choice: build relevance in a changing world or stay in infrastructure management. 75% of CEOs are asking you to take the leap.
Word cloud showing business keywords that CIOs need to know.
Digital transformation digs deep into an organization’s ecosystem. New technologies – from socially enabled organizations to the cloud to predictive analytics to embedded sensors – now answer business problems in this brave new world.
Over the last year we have asked senior IT executives from almost every industry to discuss how the role of the CIO is changing. Members of the media as well as industry thought leaders provided insights into how CIOs and IT departments are adjusting to the new realities of today’s corporate environment.
At a recent Executive Women in IT luncheon co-hosted by the CIO Executive Council and Dell Services, almost 40 leading women in IT gathered to discuss what it means to be trailblazers and risk-takers in today’s global IT business environment.
A recent CIO Magazine survey found that 89 percent of chief information officers say they’re asked to be innovative but aren’t sure how to get there. This confusion is one of the industry challenges Dell has sought to understand. How do we reimagine innovation, and more specifically, how does the organization of the future benefit from innovation?
CompTIA, a professional development technology association, reports in a recent study that "93 percent of employers indicate there is an overall skills gap among their IT staff."